Our tours take you into the southern half of the Island’s iconic lagoon, viewing the World’s southern most coral reef. This section of the lagoon has the greatest diversity and density of coral and fish life. The four major coral viewing and snorkelling locations are all contained within the southern zone and are as follows:

Erscott’s Hole
Located on the inside of the western reef, and dominated by a luxuriant garden of staghorn coral, Erscott’s Hole is famous for its Double Header Wrasse and Spangled Emperors.

Erscott’s Reef
An incredible variety of marine life is found in this deep coral hole, ranging from massive Black Stingrays to animated clown fish.

Comets Hole
Boasting the greatest coral density and diversity within the lagoon, Erscott’s reef offers a range of snorkelling experiences, from the deep western tip of this reef to its shallow eastern side.

The Horse Shoe
A shallow reef dominated by neon coloured corals and mesmerising Butterflyfish. (This site is the perfect location for those learning to snorkel)