The Mount Gower Trek is a serious 8-hour hike, which requires a high level of fitness to ensure your experience is a safe and enjoyable one.

If you are unsure, we highly recommend you attempt the Goat House Cave walk on Mt Lidgbird before finalising your booking.

This walk takes climbers to a height of 440m with similar terrain and ropes section to the Mt Gower Trek. You will need to be able to complete this walk in a max of 1hr and 30mins (one way) in order to be eligible for the mountain climb. At this speed, you will be at the correct pace set for the Mt Gower Trek, which will be 2.5 times the Goat House Cave walk.

Climbers are reminded that the Mt Gower Trek is a group activity, and that individuals do not have the luxury of undertaking this walk at their own pace. A pace will be set to enable the group to achieve the summit by midday, so that a return can be made by ~4:30pm.