Helmets are a requirement during sections of the Trek, wearing of helmets will be enforced in conjunction with our OH&S policy.

Due to Mount Gower’s extremely rugged topography, safety ropes have been fixed to various sections of the track. These ropes have been installed by the Lord Howe Island Board and maintenance responsibility of the ropes rests with the Board. Roped sections of the track are typically very steep and may require you to use a considerable amount of upper body strength to navigate these parts. If you suffer from acrophobia (fear of heights) you may feel challenged on parts of the Trek. Please carefully consider whether this Trek is something you will be able to achieve in a safe and enjoyable manner.

During the ascent of Mount Gower, your guide will set a pace to enable you to reach the summit by 11:30am. Achieving specific milestones by a calculated time is important in ensuring the return journey is completed in a timely manner. Should you be unable to maintain the required pace, your guide will suggest a suitable location for you to wait until the group returns on the descent. It is important that you communicate any concerns relating to fatigue and general wellbeing to your guide.

It is your responsibility to advise Lord Howe Environmental Tours (LHET) of any medical conditions that will effect your ability to complete the trek safely (heart conditions, joint replacements, recent surgery, pregnancy etc.).